martedì 28 febbraio 2017

[Cinema Poster] DUMBBOAT

Snack-addicted bedroom-musician Lewis Bewlis is visited by a mysterious stranger, tasked with turning his life around...

a short film by Laura Spini and Laurence Brook

This is my poster.

Draft and ideas

sabato 5 marzo 2016


"When you look into a parallel universe, the parallel universe also looks into you. Especially in March" - Friedrich Nietzsche (some)

"Quando guardi nell'universo parallelo, anche l'universo parallelo guarda dentro te. Soprattutto a Marzo" - Friedrich Nietzsche (circa)

And here we are! (...again!)

Some of my drawings on that day... that moment... or not?

we all remember how things went... that quiet evening in '73...

... and what appened next:

And so, it happened to me to draw twice the first meeting between Scully and Mulder... only one little thing has changed: which of the Mulders!

Some other pencils:


Inked pages, previews and reviews HERE on Elena's blog!

mercoledì 6 gennaio 2016

[OUT NOW!] Dampyr "l'ombra di Tziao Min"

Sceneggiatura: Claudio Falco
Cover: Enea Riboldi

Siamo pronti e siamo in edicola!

Qui qualche frammento di lavorazione delle matite


Gli originali (qualche tavola random senza spoiler)

Altro materiale da DAMPYR > QUI